Zombie Farmer

Description of Zombie Farmer Try to control the 'dead' cool farm while you are a zombie.You can't be 'brain dead', life is hard as a zombie farmer, wait and see!Zombie-chickens keep laying rotten eggs, brains preserves fly in the pantry and dead worms attack the garden. Step into a dead farmers shoes and try to keep the chaos under control and prove that a good farmer is a ZOMBIE FARMER.• Catch the falling eggs, jars and worms.• Don’t give up, keep the pace!• Golden items give more points, catch them and unlock the next level faster!• Avoid cursed items!• Collect power-ups to get super powers it's dead easy!4 levels for a crazy farmer: dead chicken coop, stinky pantry, rotten garden and moldy basement.Rotten eggs, preserved brains and other goodies! A real challenge for real Zombies, don't be left dead in the water!

Download APK(28.38MB)

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